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Noël Parisot

Beautiful Christmas singing by the Parisot Choir

At Limogne en Quercy Church on Sunday afternoon the Parisot Choir were in good voice, as part of their Christmas concert they sang some beautiful church music including ‘Glory to God’ by Heinrich Schutz which I had never heard before. It was lovely! Chef de Choeur is Peter Nowfel – I think he was pleased with their performance, the church was packed and the audience gave them a standing ovation.

Heinrich’s church music wasn’t dull or stodgy. Using ideas from Italian choral music, he made his religious works more dramatic than anything that had been done before him in Germany. Later, Johann Sebastian Bach, one of the most famous composers of all history, borrowed and improved on Heinrich’s methods.

The  next Christmas concert is at Parisot Church on Saturday 21st December 4pm

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